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How Do You Trust? (Power & Trust Pt 2)

From ‘Who Do You Trust?’ to ‘How Do You Trust?’ Trust is a beautiful thing.  The tether of all relationships, it is a fundamental human need to trust and be trusted. For this very reason trust also becomes a lever by which operators gain power over people who trust too much.  We trust too much […]


Who Do You Trust? (Power & Trust Pt 1)

How to Play Trust for Power The theme of Berlin Change Days 2017 was ‘Trust & Power’. One of the earliest exercises of the weekend conference was on the nature of trust and much was made of its significance in positive transformation.  When I think about trust I initially think of how liberating it is. […]

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Curiosity vs Conformity

“Curiosity… is insubordination in it’s purest form.” – Vladamir Nabakov It’s becoming increasingly common for leadership coaches and innovation experts to espouse the benefits, and even necessity, of curiosity. And yet we also know, as I explained in a previous post, that education systems and workplaces typically discourage curiosity. Why is this? What is it about […]


The Neurology of Curiosity & What Makes Us Curious

“How does it feel when you are searching for the possible answer.” – Matthias Gruber Curiosity: NeuroChemical Learning Overdrive Probably the most exciting frontier of psychological research today is the field of neurobiology. With an exponentially rapidly evolving panoply of new tools with which to observe the brain in action and analyze its chemistry and network […]

Why Do We Lose the Desire to Follow the Quest-ion?

“The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity.” – Albert Einstein Probably the two things we associate most with curiosity are children and questioning.  We remember childhood as a time of openness and inquisitiveness, we observe children approaching even the most mundane things with a sense of awe and wonder, […]


Why Curiosity?

“I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein The World Economic Forum – backed by an outpouring of mildly panic stricken white papers from big name organisational consultancies (1) – hails our era as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are already riding the rising wave of an increasingly complex fusion […]


‘Disruption’ is asking the Question, ‘Who Are You’?

So, ‘disruption’ is no ordinary change. Nor is it the change necessarily resulting from an innovation, which is where we see it used so often today in entrepreneurial circles. While a new and innovative idea may have a significant impact, does it actually ‘rupture’ something? If an organisation can adapt to the innovation – by changing tactics, by buying it up, by hiring expertise – it’s not ‘disruptive’.

Curiosity and Vulnerability

Curiosity is a dynamic of ongoing inquiry requiring that you reveal that you don’t know something.  Your seeking to know something reveals the limits of what you know: that’s what real questioning is. Curiosity may also require that you reveal that others don’t know something, and we all know folks who are pretty attached to having all […]

Curiosity & Vulnerability Pt 2: When is it safe to be vulnerable?

We held our first Curiosity Lab on ‘Curiosity & Vulnerability’, viewing Brene Brown’s ‘The Power of Vulnerability’, and then launching into a fascinating discussion, with some marvelous attendees. Brene Brown’s talk, which is truly worth a watch is, at heart, about the life affirming and revivifying benefits of living vulnerably.  She clarifies that this takes courage, […]