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Translibrium: Quest-ioning Homeostasis

Translibrium: ‘Trans’ comes from the Greek ‘across’, and ‘librium’ is from the Greek ‘libra’ which connotes both balance (equilibrium) and freedom (‘libre’, liberty). “The object of the pilgrimage turned out to be a pilgrim.” – Jorge Luis Borges In 1986 I was involved in a reconnaissance of evolutionary biology. I was doing an undergrad at […]

Our first workshop! Cultivating Competence in Curiosity

We held our very first workshop, Cultivating Competence in Curiosity, on October 1 – 2, 2015.  A full-scale test run you could say.  Our first cohort were fantastically engaged and engaging, smart, honest and generous, and we were just plain lucky.  Thanks folks!! We learned a great deal from our session, and will modify a […]