Curiosity Coaching with Nik Beeson

Curiosity is the most useful aptitude for navigating disruptive change and for initiating transformative change.

My coaching style combines a commitment towards a clear goal with the discovery of core values and meaning.

I root my work with ‘coachees’ in collaboratively following quest-ions to discover goals, values and meaning .  When we are rooted in our core values we can find meaning in what we are involved in and are able to respond, rather than just react, to challenging situations.  When our decisions are rooted in core values meaningful and transformative intentions and projects naturally arise. Inevitably obstacles emerge along the way and these become the sources for building resilience and for cultivating greater awareness, self-understanding and purpose.

While actively listening, I employ a wide range of tools and techniques to awaken curiosity towards challenging situations, whether disruptive or transformative.  In fact, curiosity is particularly adept at perceiving the possibility for transformation in disruption: disruption always carries seeds for transformation.

My formal training includes the completion of the ‘Foundations for Professional Coaching’ at the Adler Institute, over 1000 direct counseling hours while a Spiritual Care Resident (Buddhist Chaplain) on the ICU, emergency and neuro wards of the Toronto Western Hospital, as well as completion of Coaching for Change workshops oriented to coaching for organisational change.  My personal experience includes two decades in the constantly transforming and disruptive world of digital communications, facilitation of addiction and mindfulness groups, palliative and hospice care, and as a live-in staff person for the homeless and for folks with mental illness. My university studies (Theology & Ecology) focused on consciousness, addiction and love. Through these varied and rich experiences I have cultivated a compassionate, sophisticated and pragmatic approach to identity, limitation and transformation that I apply to my change work with individuals and organisations.

I compose and perform adventurous and exploratory music, write prose and poetry, and am an ever-curious practitioner and initiate of Kundalini Yoga, mindfulness awareness and Contact Dance. Finally, I’m blessed to be father of two exceptional boys, and step-dad to two exceptional young women.