In the face of the radical technological/social transformations of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ (AI, 3D-Printing, driverless vehicles, nanotechnology, blockchain, the Internet of Things, etc.) Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) are not the exception, but the norm. Trying to navigate what can feel like a constant storm of change can become personally and organisationally exhausting, bewildering, and demoralising.  While curiosity is our most useful aptitude in navigating, as well as initiating, disruptive change, activating and sustaining curiosity requires resilience.

In ‘Growing Change Resilience with Curiosity & Mindfulness’ we will demonstrate what stress is, how change creates stress, and explore creative attitudes towards stress management. You’ll learn about maintaining an emotional energy balance; increasing your awareness of your limitations, and how to re-energize yourself. You will also learn why curiosity and mindfulness are your best tools in navigating disruptive change, and you will learn actual methods and techniques to activate both and bring them into your everyday life and work.

Participants come away with practical methods and concepts with which they can gain perspective, parry and direct stress, and recharge and refresh in a VUCA world any day and any time.


  1. Understand personal resilience levels and the effect of change on resilience.
  2. Understand the relationship of stress to change, how it affects us, and how to respond to it creatively.
  3. Learn the basics of practicing mindfulness awareness and mindfulness meditation.
  4. Learn the basics of cultivating curiosity.


The workshop is a journey that passes through practical information, storytelling and curiosity and mindfulness practises. Meaningful questions and thought provoking discussions are encouraged and expected. Great importance is placed on engagement, participation and experiential learning.