In the face of the radical technological/social transformations of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ (AI, 3D-Printing, driverless vehicles, nanotechnology, blockchain, the Internet of Things, etc.) Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) are not the exception, but the norm. Trying to navigate what can feel like a constant storm of change can become personally exhausting, bewildering, and demoralizing.

‘Change Resilience & Mindfulness’ will provide direct training on how to be well in VUCA environments.  You will learn how change creates stress, what stress is, and creative attitudes towards stress. You’ll learn about maintaining an emotional energy balance, increasing your awareness of limitations, depletion and how to re-energize.  You’ll also learn what mindfulness meditation and awareness are and how they measurably improve well-being and performance as well as experientially learning the fundamentals of a mindfulness meditation practice.

Participants come away with practical techniques and concepts with which they can gain perspective, parry and direct stress, and recharge and refresh in a VUCA world any day and any time.


  1. Understand personal resilience levels and the effect of change on resilience.
  2. Understand the relationship of stress to change, how it affects us, and how to respond to it creatively.
  3. Learn how to recharge, refresh and reinvigorate yourself.
  4. Learn the basics of practicing mindfulness awareness and mindfulness meditation.


Attendees will gain knowledge and insight into the neurology of mindfulness and stress, and will participate directly in mindfulness exercises and self-reflective conversations. Dress comfortably for the day.

Some spaces are set aside for students, underemployed individuals and not for profits.  Please contact us if cost is a barrier.

Delivery is in person but we also offer this course as an option to bring into organizations and work with a group of individuals in house. Just email and we can set up a time to discuss this option