We’re super grateful for the wisdom, generosity and diversity of the folks with whom we work.  We’ve worked with start-up entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, environmentalists, change managers, not-for-profit fundraisers, bankers, civil servants, lawyers, engineers, organisational managers and consultants, mental health advocates, and, of course, an opera singer.
You’ve shaped what we’ve become.
Are we blessed, or what?

As we like to say, “Unlock strength by embracing difference”.

Nik Beeson

Nik Beeson

Director/Curiosity Cultivator

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Curiouser and curiouser” – Lewis Carrol

I’m the director of Curiosity Culture and an Associate Consultant specialising in Change Dynamics and Digital Communication at Capillary Consulting. I’m also a Professional Coach and Certified Change Agent (ACMP), with 20 years of experience in change and technological migration in the field of Digital Communications.

I was a Buddhist Chaplain resident on the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency and Neuro Wards at the Toronto Western hospital, worked in Palliative Care, and was a live-in staff person in homes for the homeless and for people with mental health challenges.  My university studies (Theology & Ecology) focused on consciousness, addiction and love. I have cultivated a compassionate, sophisticated and pragmatic approach to identity, limitation and transformation that I apply to my change work with individuals and organisations.

I compose and perform adventurous and exploratory music, write prose and poetry, and am an ever-curious practitioner and initiate of Kundalini Yoga, mindfulness awareness and Contact Dance.

I am Dad to two marvelous boys, and step-dad to two marvelous young women…

I try to remember that the first five letters of ‘question’ are ‘quest’.  Curiosity is migratory: a restless yearning that is the closest aptitude we have to evolution itself. I see curiosity as a pilgrimage, characterised by a perpetual re-opening and a sense of wonder and awe, in which, in the words of Jorge Luis Borges, “the object of the pilgrimage turns out to be a pilgrim”.

Rich Batchelor

Rich Batchelor

Change Management/Agency/Guru

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I have been working in a world of increasingly disruptive change for over 20 years, supporting, managing and leading through the successful transition from past challenges to future opportunities.

I began my managerial journey as a 22-year-old first time team leader and over the following decade and a half, I progressively to more senior roles within the UK government. I then took my own entrepreneurial challenges and set up my own business focused on change management learning and advisory services working with public, private and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes worldwide.

During my career I have developed and delivered four competency frameworks for large public sector organizations. I have delivered successful change in multimillion dollar IT infrastructures, realising benefits of equivalent magnitudes. I have worked across global organizations, undertaking restructures and centralizing of services in financial services, pharmaceutical and educational providers.

I have always believed in challenging the status quo and encouraged others to do so. Whether it was staff involvement in the many Kaizen events I’ve facilitated, leading teams into new and different technologies or developing personal goals and challenges for individuals I have coached and counseled, I encourage the individual and collective need to question ‎as a significant tool in future successful outcomes.

I’ve built up communities of change through my own application of curiosity. Developing core parts of the Association of Change Management Professionals and leading a fivefold ‎growth as president of the Toronto Chapter.

I now regularly provide change advisory services, coaching and learning facilitation globally. I deliver my own certified change agent program and provide a catalogue of other ‎development opportunities through my business.

I entered the journey of Curiosity Culture with a desire to take curiosity from a passing thought to a proven practice. I want to enable its practice to benefit individuals, organizations and communities in their growth towards great futures.